Process Post #10: Google Analytics

Google analytics is an excellent tool to determine where the demographic of your audience is coming from. In the overview section under the audience tab, it gives you values on the number of sessions, users, page views, and bounce rate. This data can be useful to determine what type of materials your audience enjoys reading, and then you can later use this information to prioritize or make changes accordingly.

Knowing how visitors locate your website is essential to marketing and branching out your site. You can push views or impressions through social media sources or for paid advertisement, but when you can use google analytics to clearly see which impression stream is greatest, you can cater more input towards that marketing stream.

My site primarily receives its audience through my social media. I would post my “story” blog posts onto my Facebook page and have people see my content through that. Google analytics tell me both how many people come from Facebook and how much they actually read. Upon knowing which media stream generates the most views, you can further begin generating ideas on how to grow your platform.

For example, if Instagram is a providing a large portion of engagements, perhaps, mobile marketing is the direction to proceed. Then you can look into alternatives such as snapchat or Instagram sponsorships to fully utilize google analytics capabilities.

Google analytics is an excellent tool for new blogs and it is a ideal for recognizing your website’s growth and engagements.

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